Tuesday, 12 August 2008

hoorah for plans

EDIT: It will be our 6th wedding anniversary. Hooray for friends who have much better memories and brains than me.

This morning on the way to work Nw and I were discussing what to do for our 5th wedding aniversary in September.
The idea was to go somewhere different. This ruled out South Coast, Blue Mountains and Hunter Valley. The problem with new areas was that we didn't know where was nice etc.
Then Nw had the brilliant idea of road-tripping to Melbourne. Basically leave Saturday morning and get home Tuesday night.

Hooray for road trips, hooray for Melbourne and hooray for plans.

speaking of plans.... now need to organise to see all my lovely Melbournites and find places to stay....


Mindy said...

Are you sure it's your 5th? I'm certain that Tina, Cassie and I were all pregnant at your wedding, and the kids turned 5 this year, so that should make it your 6th? Have the years all started to blur into one? I know they have for me!

Impish said...


Bliss said...

Love to see you whilst your down this way. let me know if your available

spyder said...

yes, you definately got married before G & I and we celebrated our 5th last April.