Saturday, 9 August 2008

I went and was a big growned-up!

Torby went to grandma's yesterday so I could go to work (ewww, 4days!). I took advantage of the fact that I wasn't at home looking after him and didn't need to be home early so I organised to go out on the town with megzz and snerg and a chum called andy.

They showed me cunning places I didn't know existed!

My favourite was the Bambini Trust Wine Room on Elizabeth St (kinda near Hyde Park, down from The Sheraton). Small beautifully decorated room, nice wine, good staff etc etc.

The bar whose name I can't remember (is under the GPO building in Martin Place) had really good cocktails (I had an appley thing of yuminess and my mate Andy had the nummiest uber potent cognac, whisky, orangey thing) tres funky lighting and comfy couches. I seriously loved the fabric on the walls. Need to thieve it and make a frock out of it!

There was then snacky dinner at another place close to Wynard (333 i think) then last beverages at The Vault.

oh, teh excercise!

Was nice to be out and about and people watching (really loved the people watching) and hanging with peoples in an environment that wasn't a house or a park.

I could even forgive the mocking I received for being so excited.

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