Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Yay with added Woot!

Yay for today!
Today marks 8 years of marriage and 41years of there being a Nw on the earth.

Nw got awoken with pressies and a handmade card and birthday breakfast (nuttella on bread, laden with many candles) and many hugs and kisses from the munchkin (and possibly just a few from me)
Tonight we ditch the munchkin and go out for lovely dinner to celebrate 8years of mawwiage.
Friday I make nachos.
Saturday is other people's birthday afternoon tea celebrations.
There is also talk of more food on Sunday.

Along with last weekend with it's dinner at Perama on Saturday (mmmm porkbelly baklava) and Sunday yum cha, September has apparently been decreed the month of food. I'm not even ready to contemplate the week on Norfolk Island with the family and the amount of delicious food that will be consumed. (because all food consumed on holiday is delicious..it's the rules)
I guess it's just giving my stomach training for the whole christmas period.

Only slight off on a tangent...there are only 3 weekends in December! Christmas Day is on the last Saturday this year. Very rude of it I say. Doesn't it realise how much we need those weekends. Munchkin's birthdays (*cough* keep 4th December free *cough*) and christmas parties and shopping and sca events that are just around the corner so probably should be attended all have to be squeezed in.
Woe woe is us with our delightful social occasions and friends and family to be seen. It's a dreadful life, truly it is.

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