Monday, 13 September 2010

Slow cooker

So, we bought a slowcooker a few weeks ago. The appeal of having the bulk of ninner be mostly ready when I get home is strong. I do wish there was a timer option for when it turns on though. We really need dishes that take at least 8hrs and preferably more. That's the time between Nw leaving in the morning and me getting home in the afternoon. This lends itself to dishes that are very gloopy. Which is nice but I would like to find something less gloopy to add to the slow cooker repertoire. I have hopes for the lambshanks we'll be having tonight.
I did use it to make dessert for Saturday night (lemon custard creams) which worked a treat.

Anyone got good recipes?


Impish said...

Get a timer switch thingy (like you'd usually use to have your lights go auto on/off if you're away on holiday, say) and plug it into your slowcooker. Available from your regular supermarket and usual DSE/Tandy outlets. Voile! Control over when slow cooker starts doing its thang!

I shall send you some recipes. I bought the Women's Weekly slowcooker recipe book which has been quite good.

K said...

I picked up a really comprehensive and (seemly without actually testing any of it) good slower cooker recipe book. As I:
a)haven't used it in over a year
b)don't actually own a slow cooker (had plans to buy one)
You can now become the proud owner of the book. I'll get it to you some stage between now and Christmas - I'd promise earlier, but I know how crap I am with postage.