Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Oh the thrills and excitement of life around Casa de Huntington-Smythe

The whole family (except for Stampy of course) will soon have new glasses. Nw got his eyes checked and picked out new frames yesterday. Yay!

We bought a slow cooker on the weekend and tested it out last night. Well, we used it overnight because I wanted to be home for it's first use in case something went horridly wrong. Figured we'd hear the smoke alarms in our sleep. In fact I knew that we would because I set them off while browning the meat. D'oh. However, it all went well, nothing melted or was on fire this morning and hopefully dinner tonight will even taste good.

We got a digital set-top box (after discovering that the old one we had in a box somewhere no longer had a remote and rattled with cockroach poo). The new one works and there was much rejoicing! Yay for ABC2 and Go and all the other channels I hear about and can now see.

Am sending the lads off to a pub somewhere on Saturday night to have some super-fun-out-of-the-house boytime and they can begin their Sunday with a hangover. Us lasses shall stay at home with the children and eat salads and maybe sip a light sherry or something suitably feminine and discuss how to be better wives and mothers. *snort*

20 sleeps until Nw's birthday and our wedding anniversary. Soon the magical number of married years will be 8 (I think)
28 sleeps until the big family adventure to Norfolk Island. Really really looking forward to it.

May have to have a bbq in between there to celebrate.

Saw Cat Empire last Sunday. Oh baby how they go off in concert. Much leaping about and very very good music and my betsest CE gig buddies (minus MissKrin who was missed) and all was really good with the world. Until of course the soreness sets in. Ouch ouch ouch. Did I mention ouch?

Yay for food and tv and gigs and glasses and fathers of children.

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