Monday, 13 September 2010

The trials and tribulations of getting Torby a 'Document of Identity for travel to Norfolk Island'

Attempt the First.

Make appointment at Australia Post.
Attend Aust Post with all the forms and pictures and passports etc.
Man 1 looks at all documentattiona nd suggests that it's unnacceptable because the top and the bottom of the form were clipped when they printed, blue ink is used and the guarantor signature goes a mm or 2 outside the box.
*twitch* *twitch* *twitch*
Man2 comes along,looks and allows the blue ink (it's dark blue) and the signature but not the clipping. You can still scan the barcode and read all the writing but it's still not allowed. Have to come back on Monday.
Froth with rage, return to work and try to get everyone arrested.

Attempt the Second

Attend new appointment armed with newly printed form that Nw fiddled with to make sure it prints out okay, all the other associated documents including a letter from my Superannuation Company in case they want something with my address.
Woman1 looks at all the documentation, gets me to write Camperdown instead of Sydney, asks for address, I hand her the letter, she announces that it's not proof enough because it doesn't have my full name on it and I will need to come back with something else so she can tick the box.
I pull out all the cards in my wallet and show that half of them don't have my full name and ask why on earth is this letter not enough especially when it's not anywhere on the form from the website that I should bring broof of address in anyway.
She goes, checks with someone, ticks the box.
I grin. She scowls.
She asks me for the certified copies of my passport, his birth certificate etc. I state that I don't have any as I wasn't told to bring any. She sighs, photocopies, and certifies.
She declares that his photos are unnaceptable as his head is a mm too low.
I explode (politely) and state that his photo was deemed okay last week and why on earth wouldn't it be now
She asks who approved it, I state that I didn't feel the need to get his name and date of birth as I didn't believe it was going to be an issue.
Oh yeah, we're practically bestfriends at this point.
She confers with someone. Photo is allowed.
She demands that I do a priority service because we haven't allowed 15days turnaround.
I reply that it should only be 12 days according to the website because surely Australia Post is capable of delivering a form to the passport office 5 streets away within a day or two. I am however paranoid enough that I was planning on priority service anyway.
I pay, she hands me reciept and documents.
I do a victory dance.
I'm expecting an inviation to dinner any second now.

15 sleeps to go!

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You forgot for a second what the title of your blog was about, didn't you.