Monday, 13 September 2010


I commented over on Facebook that I had had a night of odd dreams.
There was the one where MissJimmy decided to conquer her fear of fish by wearing a fish costume for 4hours a day.
There was the one where I had to collect all the coffee beans in the world (no I have no idea why, but it was very nescessary at the time) - it was not as hard as it sounds because I had a coffee bean tracker and could do it all through my computer. Sattelites and robots were involved.
There were a few others that I can't really remember. All of them were amusing and odd. Except for one.
The one that got me frustrated was that I spent a weekend being fed by people but it was annoying because everyone was making food that I normally make and it was making me cross.

I should explain. I firmly support sharing recipes. It's the same as sharing where you got those shoes from or what book has that picture in it and where that fabric came from etc etc etc. It's polite and nice and to do so and I'm never entirely sure why people don't.
I am quite fine with people then making the food that I that the recipe is for (indeed a bunch of the food I cook comes from someone else's brain or a recomendation of a cookbook).
My problem seems to be when people make that food and then feed it to me. Not that it's happened very often at all. People generally have enough of their own yummy recipes and books that it's never really been an issue. Apparently though it's enough to make me dream about it and wake up feeling slightly grumpy. I know, I know, I pick odd things to get woogy over.
Mind you all I have to do is think of Jimmy in her fish suit and I cheer back up again.

My brain scares me sometimes.

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