Wednesday, 30 August 2006

random stuff that's in my head

I like that the word and concept of Schadenfreude exists.

I really hate walking behind slow people and end up being rude to them

According to the tax office, Torbenspang doesn't exist. They've since acknowledged his existence.

My local library is a really annoying place. It's hard to get into with a pram and there are a couple of extremely surly women working there.

It's okay to disagree with people as long as you acknowledge their right to believe whatever the hell they want.

Stick 6 babies together in a room together and they will all try to crawl over each other.

Optus sales people should try and sigh less on the phone.

It's fathers day soon and man do the shops want you to know it.

I really shouldn't watch the news anymore. It's too depressing.

My friends really are quite clever.

Most people I know annoy me sometimes. Some more than others and some less than others.

I probably annoy people as well. I'm a lot more comfortable with that fact as I get older.

I really should try and be more social. I used to be so good at it.

Aaahh that feels better.


Miss Krin said...

"I really shouldn't watch the news anymore. It's too depressing."
Last time I said this, I was having a debate with a journalism student. That was 10th September 2001. The next morning he woke me up and told me to not listen to the news today either, it would be waaayyyy too depressing.

"I really should try and be more social. I used to be so good at it."
Yes!! I used to be the bunny that organised the social events in my post-high school group of friends. Then I got lazy. It annoys me as well, that I am too apathetic to do all the social things I want to do. I think this degree is sapping my brain of anything beyond "how am I going to structure this paper?"

Miss Krin said...

Also, I like the new template, I think is the best one you've used so far. Small piece of constructive criticism, the blue on red in the header is difficult to read since they are related colours (I think, that's how my brain wants to describe it anyway). Could you find a colour that's a bit more contrasty?

Baggy Trousers said...

All hail the rant.

My fave at the moment:

Life's too short.
Bite it and give it a damn good shaking.

I'm getting tired of people complaining about the things they haven't done. That seems like the biggest waste of time!

Hang on, what do you mean this isn't my blog? Can I rant here anyway?

DV said...

Oh BT, I suspect you can rant anywhere (tee-hee)

I like it when my friends join me in my ranting. It makes me feel a bit less crazy.