Tuesday, 15 August 2006

I should have waited

I left work on the dot of three today in the hope that I would pick Torbenspang up from daycare and make it home before the big storm hit
Yeah, i should have waited.
It hailed.
It rained.
It stopped doing both as I (a very very wet bedraggled creature with a pram) turned onto my street.
The weather is now fine.

All I can say is


Wenchilada said...

Do you feel paranoid, like someone's watching you? Oh man...what is with that!?

Miss Krin said...

That storm was huge. I watched it arriving out of my office window, and then someone checked the radar and said we had 7 minutes before it hit.

I made it to the station, just. The hail hit as we pulled into Macdonaldtown station, so we sat there and watched it fall. So pretty, but I was so glad that I was in a comfy millenium train rather than out in the middle of it. Poor sodden you!