Tuesday, 22 August 2006

the nicest smells

The best thing about going to work this morning was walking along the road and you get the waft of the jasmine plant that grows all over the wall of a building and is just starting to flower and then 2 steps later, you get the delicious smell of baking bread courtesy of the bakery around the corner.
(That was a really long sentence!)

It makes it almost pleasant to be awake before the sparrow has even contemplated his first fart of the day.


Baggy Trousers said...

I'll lend you some full stops - lordy knows my kids aren't using them!!

DestructoMeg said...

And the wattles are out! And there's a flowering plum on my way to the station! (whole streets where I grew are planted with them - makes me happy-sad-homesick!!)

Almost like a proper spring.. as close as you get in these Northern climes! I miss Spring in lonnie.

p.s. baggy, don't you know? Full stops are soooo last century. keep up!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

flowering plum = ornamental prunus = the same trees we had down our street too. I love them. they get lots of bees. my friend and I used to catch the bees* in these giant-tooth-shaped things that chewing gum pellets came in.

ahhhhh Spring!

btw getting up early in Spring and Summer can be delicious. you get to enjoy the beauty before everyone else, while it's still fresh.

* of course we let them go. I love bees.