Tuesday, 29 August 2006

I've got a day off.

Yep a day I which I don't have to go the salt mines or entertain an increasingly demanding 8mth old. yay for me.
What I do have to do today is;
sleep (tick)
eat (tick)
muck about on the internet (tick)
read some trashy mags (tick, tick and tick)

Yep, not even halfway through the day and I've accomplished everything I set out to do.

Hmmm might take a nap to celebrate.


Miss Krin said...

gosh, how do you keep up with your busy schedule? Did you floss the cat when you got bored?? :)

Baggy Trousers said...


Alhough, I've just spent the last hour and half on net at school, swapping emails with a drunk canadian.

He says he will save me some strawberry mead...

DestructoMeg said...


DV said...

I know, it sucked to be me yesterday. If it makes up for it, Torby was shockingly behaved at Mothers Group today and I'm now exhausted. All the good relaxation points from yesterday are gone.