Tuesday, 8 August 2006


I'm a sucker for these things. This one's from TOA

1. One book you have read more than once:

I read most of my books over and over and over and over (you get the idea) again. The one I've just finished re-reading is Janet Evanovich "Two for The Dough". I'd bought and had read the new one (12 something) and was in the mood for another of hers and it was closest to hand. I do tend to reread series.

2. One book you would want on a desert island:
Any of Terry Pratchetts books. They may be small but I can read them a few times in a row without getting too bored. That and they amuse me.

3. One book that made you laugh:
Ooohh, so hard. Not strictly a book but does make laugh out loud is Dennis Leary's "No Cure for Cancer" I still chuckle when I think of it.

4. One book that made you cry:
Oh most books these days. Particularly "Bald in the Land of Big Hair" by Joni Rodgers. It's a biography of her living in Dallas and getting cancer. Funny and sweet and moving and empowering and a little bit sad. The other major weepy one is the book by Bryce Courtney about his son that has hemophilla "April Fools Day" I'm not allowed to read it in public as it's too embarrassing

5. One book you wish you had written:
Anne of Green Gables. So lovely and sweet and happy

6. One book you wish had never been written:
Oh look I can't actually narrow it down. There are so many books out there that are just painful and horrid and stupid that it's quite hard to pick one. Oooh, I know. Mao Tse Tung's Little Red Book. Mainly because it came to symbolise something so wrong for so many people.

7. One book you are currently reading
"Carter Beats the Devil" by Glen David Gold. A friend loaned it to me and it's good so far.

8. One book you have been meaning to read:
War and Peace. Just so I can say that I have.

9. One Book That Changed Your Life
This one i can't actually do. So many books have changed me in little ways and for odd reasons. A book of real life short stories called "Birth Stories" helped me 'get over' my miscarriage by making me cry a lot. Terry Pratchett "Small Gods" oddly enough helped me coalesce my insane ideas on religion. A lot of chick-lit books helped me understand the way people view situations. The Commonsense Cookery Book, taught me how to cook. "Baby Love" by Robin Barker and "Kid Wrangling" and "Up the Duff" helped me get through pregnancy and the first few weeks of babydom. I really could go on, but I won't

10. Now tag five people:
Now dear readers, consider yourself tagged. You can either respond in the comments or on your own blog.

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