Thursday, 17 August 2006


Does this "all the crazies should come talk to me" sign, make my ass look fat?

Yesterday I went to my local Woolies and not one but two nutters talked to me. We had the random old Italian woman who told me all about her life. She was married but her husband died and she doesn't want to marry again. lives in liverpool, has a daughter who has children one of which either takes drugs or sells drugs or something about drugs and it was a lot harder to give birth when she did it....."
Of course my evil son behaved himself. The one time I want him to cry, he refuses to. I was trying to think of a way I could poke him without her noticing, so I could claim I had to go.

I eventually made my escape and finished shopping and made my way to the checkout. (It takes longer to shop when you're avoiding crazy Italian ladies)
The man behind me decided to tell me all about what he bought and "ooh he didn't realise I had another bag and he should've asked because then he would've stayed in the other line and isn't a nice day today and he likes chips..."



MrSnerg said...

Mmmmmmm.... chips. You'll have to start coming up with ways of disturbing people more. Stop being so approachable! Develop a nervous tick. Mumble things about not being late for the ceremony and that the goats can only be kept waiting for so long...

MrSnerg said...

Or you can start singing ring my bell as you are walking around shopping. People may look at you strangely but conversations are unlikely.

Also I think I would prefer you take that off your page please. It's going through my head now!

DV said...

Just for you Mr Snerg, i'll change it. That and I woke up with les mis running through my head.

I often get strange looks in the supermarket as I carry on conversations with torbenspang. he's very good at deciding on what to have for dinner.