Thursday, 28 February 2008

All Things Birthday

I have had a very deightful birthdayness.

There has been Laaadies afternoon tea with fizzy pink wine

There has been cupcakes with bright pink icing and a no. 3 candle

There has been beautiful cards and theatre tickets and cushions-in-the-making and flowers and new headsets and babysitting and coffee and pastries and dumplings and mexican hot chocolate from Melbourne and bucks nights to visit and all sorts of things to make a girl feel happy and loved and well and truly birthdayified.

And there is still the barefoot bowling to go to on Sunday.



Anonymous said...

happy birthday honey, glad your day was fabulous

The Other Andrew said...

Hey, happy birthday you! You know I would have remembered, but it takes an invitation to things to jog the ancient decrepit brain cells these days. What, I don't count as a 'lady' for the having of tea purposes?