Tuesday, 26 February 2008

A Letter to My Body

Dear Body,

Thanks for being big and stretchy enough to carry a child to full (and slighly over) term. Although if we ever do it again, can you not let the legs get so swollen that I couldn't walk more than a metre before the pain set in?
Thanks for getting me through these 31 years.
Thanks for being strong enough to survive everything I've put you through.
Thanks for the bosoms that have a nice swell and weight to them.
Thanks for also letting those bosoms provide milk for my child for a little while.
Thanks for having nice bits to help balance out the manky bits. I am fond of the buttocks and lower leg but we can lose the stomach and the upper arms any time now.
You may not be perfect or the ideal body, but on the whole, you've served me well.

Inspired by BlogHer


Wenchilada said...

Many happy returns!

dawn224 said...

This is great! Well done, and happy birthday!