Tuesday, 19 February 2008

More on rituals

We have a morning ritual here. I wake up and get out of bed when Torby first registers his displeasure with being awake (waaah!).
We exchange greetings (me - 'good morning beautiful boy' him- 'iss mum..shh dad sleeping') and I get a cuddle and a kiss.
We make breakfast. He holds the weetbix box for the one cereal and helps get the milk and two fruits container out of the fridge then I chop-chop it all together so he can walk carefully to his seat and eat.
We watch tv until Nw's alarm goes off at which point it's time to run to the room and 'see dad'. Bouncing on the bed and squigglying about ensue.
The boys then go and have Showertime! (the grabbing of the towels, the washing of the hair and bodies, the brushing of the teeth)
At which point I either curl up in bed for a beautiful 20minutes of quiet or get his lunch ready (depending on if it's a daycare day or not).
Get dressed (Torby help!)
and then either we kiss dad bye-bye (dad work) or I get the kisses bye-bye and off he goes to Alka's.
I love our morning routine. It's a nice time that's filled with cuddles and cuteness and order (as much as anyone can hope for with a toddler) and it has become a ritual of sorts.

The ritual of taking a friend wedding dress shopping yesterday was a hoot. Miss J needs to learn to lie a bit better but Charlie and I more than made up for that. There were many dresses sampled with only one truly hideous one (too many floppy flowers and floaty wispy bits of spare fabric attached to the skirt) and a lot of nice ones (mind you, that girl and her tiny waist really could look good in a paper sack). There was much giggling and chatting and we even had time for a glass or two of wine at the end.

I'm looking forward to having all of my birthday celebrations soon. Laaadies afternoon tea on Sunday, cake at Fight Club on Tuesday and a bbq or bowls club adventure next Sunday. We're going out to dinner on the actual day (Wednesday) but it doesn't count as it's for a cath-up with a Melbourne warcrack lass who is in town.

Having all of this woven around the celebration of J and scruffy getting married (inc hens night and bucks night) makes it even nicer. All these celebrations one after the other. I will be tired but happy at the end of it all I suspect.

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