Monday, 11 February 2008

my weekend by Miss DV aged 30 and a half

So, Friday night saw us at Meg and Jamies with the idea in mind that we would have lovely family dinner, kids would do their thing (running so fast!) and then Torby would actually go to sleep there rather than being a big horrid child and making us leave at about 9 when the mankiness got to much...well, it worked!

Okay, Bellabel had to be moved to sleep in the other room with Lumpelina because Torby was making scary noises (i.e. sucky his dummy) but still, it worked! We got to loiter around till late and even play a game and have dessert and stuff. Just like real people get to!

Saturday was Iron Maiden (for Nw) and Finn and Mr C's last pizza Night (for me). Was lovely to catch up with people esp. nice to see MissJ and I even got to be a pizza wench for a bit. Had a hoot and eventualy got to bed about midnight. Never a good plan when you have to up bright and early to run an event the next day.

Which does in fact bring us to Sunday. The day of the 'How to run an event' Bunch O' Classes.
Despite various timetable changes at the very last moment, was mostly stress free and in fact kinda fun and I'm hoping useful and helpful to people. I really do enjoy co-ordinating BoC's and need to do more of them. They are normally a slightly different format (more rooms and thus more classes and no theme) but I always wanted them to be about getting interested people all together and bombarding them with knowledge. It's also much nicer to be organising the classes rather than having to teach one. God I hate public speaking. I also vote that next time I do one, I won't be hungover and at the end of a weekend.

Anyway, enough of the timeline of my weekend. Go forth and enjoy your Monday. I have a day off and some 'Weeds' to watch and coffee to have and mmm some sleep to catch up on.


Destructomeg said...

30 and a half huh? ;)

DV said...

well yes, maybe 30 and 11/12ths (14days till my birthday)
Oh I'll be old, so old soon