Sunday, 19 April 2009

Yay for weddings

Went to Megzz and Smurgs wedding last night. They looked utterly gorgeous and but I failed to find my camera in time so no photos from me!

The kids got paper cones full of rose petals to scatter about at the end of the ceremony. Well, I'm sure that was the plan. The kids were much more interested in running up to Megzz or Snerg and hurling the flowers on them and then giggling and scooping up the petals on the ground to do again. Kept them entertained for hours.

After the ceremony we all trundled down to the Cellars for the reception. Soon found a corner to make our own and sent periodic foraging parties out for food and wine.

I managed to not cry until they did their bridal waltz to The Wine Song by Cat Empire. Very very appropriate really.

So we drank, we ate, we danced, we kissed, we hugged, we laughed, we had a really really good time.

I now have sore feet, a mild hangover, a sleeping MissJimmy in Torby's room (he's at grandma and papa's. Nw took him there after the ceremony so we could both rage on) and a great feeling of joy that two people I love are so very happy with each other.

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