Tuesday, 14 April 2009

random festively stuff

Still warm and muggy.

Pack of kids running around like pork chops makes for amusement.

Felt much smaller than last year..I kind of liked it.

For the first time in 2 years of being at this site, I got leeched. Only realised it because of dried blood on back of thigh.

So so lovely to see chums esp. those pesky ones who live in Melbourne.

Yummy food and wine and far too much bacon.

Mel and Bethan getting Laurelled..Le Woot!!

Torby looked very very cute in his frocks. I will have to track down photos of him and Nw in their matchy matchy frocks.

Very different rhythm to previous years, but having a munchkin on site will do that.

Afternoons spent by the river watching the kids splash about is a pleasant thing.

Need to make frocks with detacheable sleeves...Was too icky to have arms enclosed on the days I wore sleeved frocks.

Was nice to leave on the Monday - no sleep makes me spiky.

This leads us to...

The Monday night of dooooom!

Agree to let child fall asleep in our bed.

Tuck him in, read stories, turn light out.

2 seconds later..child goes bleurgh!

Manage to get most of it on his pillow and himself.

Throw crying, vomity child in shower to get gunk off him and out of his hair.

Child still upset and crying, place on couch wrapped in a towel while off to fetch clean clothes and vomit bowl.

Calm child down in time for next wave of heaving...put child in shower for second time in 20minutes.

Place clean dry child, dressed and oh so sleepy child on couch, propped up, with bowl.

Child falls asleep.

Child wakes up and throws up..luckily into the bowl (hurrah!)

Child falls back asleep again.

An hour passes with no vomit so bravely put child in your bed again.

Finally give in to queasy tummy you've had for an hour or so and go throw up.

Fall into bed and sleep lightly, startling awake at slightest noise that could indicate child about to hurl again.

Be grateful that you notice noises when you manage to catch some in time with the bowl.

Get up and go throw up again.

Repeat last few steps every few hours.

Randomly Insert tears and wishing your husband wasn't in the middle of a field somewhere where he can't be contacted instead of at home.

Luckily we haven't hurled for the last 4 hours, Torby has kept food down and I've kept some weak cordial down. I have hopes.

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