Sunday, 26 April 2009

The catch-up post

So, last night I was indeed sensible.
Was home by 11:30, asleep by 12:30 (with clean sheets on the bed for extra enjoyment..mmm clean)

The birthday boy was suitably surprised and then got suitably drunk.

The kids ran up and down the stairs, had balloon wars and generally had a good time until the lovely lads took them away for sleeptime.

We played a very raucous, very drunken game of Trivial Pursuit.

I got to catch up with lovely people I don't see often enough and chat with the lovely people I see far too often *grin*

In other news;

Have confirmed that roadtrip to Melbourne for Midwinter is a goer. Yay! Now to book a cheap flight home on the Sunday and organise a place to stay.

Have not found my copy of Trachtenbuch but have borrowed Meg's one so can remake the spanish with the funky sleeve without completely making it up from memory. I distinctly remember it as this oblong shape with green stripes and there were tassels and sequins and penguin embroidery all over it..quite sure that's what it looked like...guys?

The thing that made me go 'hmm' has been sorted. I spoke wrote, they went 'eep, wrong interpretation, damn this text-based thingy and my inability to use clear wordular stuff and damn you for reading the worst into it' (hint of paraphrasing with their permision) Is all good. Yay for all sortedness.

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