Thursday, 23 April 2009

photos and pictures and snapshots oh, my!

Have been uploading stuff to Flickr.

Most of it is photos (mainly of the kids but a few ones of people who aren't under4) from Festival taken by the very wonderful Bro-in-Law Jamie (he takes and nice piccie and even remembers to bring his camera along and use it!).

I'll need to have you listed as a contact on Flickr to view them. Am also considering making all the Torby ones viewable to contacts only as well..go forth and crete an account if you haven't got one already! :)

In other news...hmm well actually, that is kind of all my news...I've had a pleasant but non-eventful day. Torby and I did shopping and mucked about in the playground and had naps and read books and played on the computer. We did notice the absence of our Thursday morning coffee buddy. Pesky married women and their honeymoons!


Anonymous said...

Hey hon, can you friend me on flickr so I can live vicariously.

DV said...

hehe. done.