Monday, 1 February 2010

On the weekend I;

fed people dinner
got fed dinner
heard all about Bellabels first day at big school
admired new haircuts
ate a devilled egg
had a few naps
watched Big Bang Theory, Dollhouse and Castle
cooked more pumpkin soup.
froze soup in lunch sized amounts.
made more paella than intended.
giggled at the munchkin chasing chickens
did far too many loads of washing
got to spend time with ZoZo
visited Ikea
did shopping according to The Dinner Plan (tm)
played warcrack
discovered that there is no backspace button on the mac keyboard
discussed music

On the weekend I did not;

pattern anything for festival
vacuum the floor
roast capsicums
set off the flea bombs
attack Torby's room and get rid of excess clothes/toys
go swimming
organise various things I need to post

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