Monday, 8 February 2010

monday morning randomness

For the first time in forevety, I'm re-reading Katehrine Kerr's Deverry series. Had forgotten how much I like it. Spent a large part of yesterday evening lying on the couch reading the first book.

For the first time in a slightly less forevety amount of years, we had caprioskas. Numnumnum. The excess lime issue has been dealt withn and a new bottle of vodka will need to be purchased soon.

The boys did not go a-visiting the grandparents on Sunday. Granpapa has shingles :(
I still managed to have a doze on the couch. I'm clever that way.
Torby even had a nap as well. Not that he was tired you understand. He was very vehement about his lack of tiredness. The fact that he was half-asleep and being carried into the house from the car while he was proclaiming it didn't really help his cause.

In between sleeping in (until 10am!), shopping and dozing on the couch, I managed to make chickeny vegetabley noodley soup for freezing and lunches and roasted some capsicums.
I think dinner tonight will involve roasted vegies and sausage lumps with the capsicum and some pesto and salady leaves.
It's a variation from the Dinner Plan (tm) for this week but I think it will work.

The Dinner Plan (tm) has been very useful for trying new recipes.
Is cunning when the new stuff I'm making can also be made for more than 2 people (with leftovers).
One of the things that stresses me out with cooking is timing. Not such an issue when it's just the two of us. We can, and have, eaten roast carrot for entree, then the roast chicken and with some roast potatoes for dessert (for instance). I'm just not convinced that everyone else wants to eat that way. So it's nice that a few recipes I've tried have been able to feed guests with a minimal amount of swearing on my behalf.

We spent a large part of Sunday reformatting and updating a laptop we got given. It's destined to be Torby's 'busy' when the current one (my old laptop) finally dies. The poor piece of machinery is missing half the keys and has been dropped so many times it's a wonder it hasn't exploded. Hmm it's probably the large amount of toast crumbs and apple juice that have been drizzled into it that's keeping it all together.
The new(to us at least) one is still shiny and has keys and a cd drive that opens easily and doesn't have a fine coating of stickiness. It's quite miraculous.

19 sleeps until my birthday!


Impish said...

I loved the Deverry series, but I've come to believe that the original 3 (or maybe 6?) books were the best. I'm currently slogging it out through the last few books because I want to know what happens, but the tangled warp and weft of all the characters through all the reincarnations has meant I can't keep track of who's who, so I don't really care about what happens to any of them. Heartless uncaring wench that I am.

Chicken noodle soup! Genius! I shall make some myself this week for the freezing.

Something you might want to google is recipes for OAMC - once a month cooking. Lots of recipes that are good for making in bulk and then freezing. I don't cook once a month, but if I want to make something that's double-portion and freeze half of it for a night of laziness at some point in the future, perfectamundo!

19 more sleeps until DOOOOOOOM

anti ob said...

I really enjoyed the first 3 Deverry books, and thought the whole reincarnation thing was relatively clever and interesting - as far as it went in those first three. Then (if I recall correctly; its been a looooooong time) I read the next 3 and the writing went downhill, the plot went to hell, and the whole reincarnation thing seemed to go out the window. So I shrugged and moved on. Were there were more later on that were worth reading?