Monday, 1 February 2010

The Dinner Plan (tm)

On Friday at work, I spent a completely productive hour finding interestying food to make, sorting out what day I would cook it on and making a shopping list.

This all comes about because we're trying to eat better and save money. Getting to work, trying to think of what to make for dinner and then when/how the ingredients can be bought makes my brain hurt and often ends up involving takeaway that may or may not be good for us.
Also compounded by the schedule of picking Torby up (me - Mon, Thu, Fri / Nw - Tue, Wed), activities planned (Fight Club, Yoga, Swimming), the time Nw gets home from work (too late to pick ingredients up on his way home unless he's also collecting Torby) and general care factor.

So, anyway, we now have a list of what to cook for the week and a plan of family shopping on Sunday (accomplished) and then I can pick stuff up on the way home on Wednesday (no Torby to collect and plenty of time between leaving work and having to be at Yoga at at 6)

So this week we're having;

Sun - paella (was deeelicious and enough leftover for a few lunches)
Mon - Asian Stuffed Omellette
Tue - FC
Wed - lamb cutlets with vietnamese-esque salad
Thu - lamb filo pastries
Fri - braised pork cutlets with fennel and borlotti beans

It's a good mix of can make in my sleep, super quick and new and interesting.
Hopefully this will counteract my natural inclination to avoid planning.


Impish said...

I likes it. I'm a total fan of pre-planning the meals for the week. It does mean occasionally tossing out mouldy stuff if we pike and go takeaway, but it does mean a lot less takeaway generally, or vegemite toasties.

But it does mean less brainpower required of an evening.

I also plan around the weather and social events and the use of freezing leftovers. :)

Wenchilada said...

Love the meal plan, is a great way of doing things!