Tuesday, 8 March 2011

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So, it's been, ummm, a while

Torbyboy is still loving school. He has thrived and is learning stuff and making friends and is usually exhausted at the the end of each day but a snack when we get home and a bit of quiet time with his lego or something, fixes all that.

After-school care seems a bit hit and miss for him. Some days he loves it and doesn't want to leave and others not so much. It's the same people all week and it's at school and there's lots of kids to play with etc so I'm not sure why he changes his mind. Maybe the different activities they do? Maybe it's the fact that being at home with me and the tv and the lego and the computer (no, not all at once) is more fun as far as he's concerned? Who knows. Thankfully he doesn't hate it and always seems happyish when I pick him up so I don't have to feel super bad about it.

His reading will be tested again this week and he may go up another level. He's currently 5 or 6 levels above what they say most kids start at but how real is that?. Is this normal? Is it completely abnormal? Is it neither? I wish it wasn't rude to ask other parents what level their kid is at. It's not a judging or a competition thing, I just want to know what's standard. His teacher and I have spoken about the fact that he needs to work on his writing and slowing down when he reads aloud (that's certainly gotten a lot better).

I love that he will often go play with the other street kids when we get home (well, I get home and he has already stopped at someone's house or on the street) or makes up games with other kids in the school yard. Yay for conquering the shy!

Other than meltdowns every now and again because he's ratted after school (Not! Tired!) I've been enjoying our afternoons of him lounging on the floor playing Lego (he lurves building a thing, ripping it apart and building it again. Precious precious instructions must be followed) and making up stories and generally being cute and clever and cheeky. Although I do wish he wouldn't answer any question about what he did at school with 'I don't remember'

I'm looking forward to the weekend. Am going on a girly adventure to Melbourne with MissJimmy. Squee! The reason for the adventure is to see 'Mary Poppins' and hang out. Extra squee. Is a bit sad how much I suspect I'll miss my boys though (see above for how cute Oliver is being at the moment). I shall valiantly distract myself with good company and food and maybe a beverage or two and reminders that it's less than 36 hours away. I'm a big sook sometimes.

I had a birthday that was lots of fun despite me being too useless to organise anything.
Thankfully Megzz n Smurg and M&J organised stuff for me and I didn't spend my birthday weekend moping because I was too useless to organise anything. No, not being useles wasn't an option apparently. Thankfully am less useless at the moment. The fact that people (especially the lovely husband) didn't stab me during my period of feebleness is a minor miracle.


anti ob said...

Sounds pretty good!

I love the deep, deep fascination of kids with Lego, and how fixated most of them seem to be - at least at some age - about following the directions exactly. I always remember Henry taking apart random things I had built and "fixing" them, because I'd used the wrong colour brick (or used a picket fence for a wing, or whatever) and you'd get this stern-faced lecture about not being silly. This is serious stuff! No messing about!

Mindy said...

Ask his teacher about where other kids are up to in their reading level. No need to name names, but she(?) should be able to give you a reasonable idea how he rates against the other kids.

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