Saturday, 5 February 2011


So, I have had a minor headache for the last few days because I have been living in air conditioning and artificial light
However, I am so very very grateful that we have aircon in the house and can block out enough of that nasty nasty sunlight that it makes a difference and that my work involves sitting at a desk in a temperature controlled office. Oh and not living in FNQ or, indeed, any part of the world that is being cycloned or flooded.

So, I stood up for the bulk of today and my back and feet really hurt and I'm oh so ratted because of it.
However, the end product was a not overly stressful or heat inducing dinner for guests (or me). Oh how I love a dinner that is mostly done in advance (dumplings from cunning asian shop, summer rolls w/ prawns - ahah! flavoring the vermicelli ala Nigela 'forever summer' makes for extra tastiness - , sesame soba noodles with prawns and saladiness with duck {from the duck shop} and Etonesque mess for dessert) and thusly, more time spent chatting with people.Yay!

So, I am a smidge squiffy and may regret this squiffiness in the morning when the munchkins wake up at oh-god-kill-me o'clock.
However, I have had a lovely night and my brain is restored for another week and I cooked stuff and I have an airconditioned living room to sleep in and all is good with the world/

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Hunydd said...

I like this "airconditioned living room to sleep in". Although, prolly more useful overall than aircon in the bedroom and in the tiny spare room. My house is a screaming bunfight because I haven't been able to leave the spare room to do anything... Hooray for a cool change!