Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Poor poor neglected blog

Christmas happened and was awesome.
New Years happened and it was awesome.
The week in between was ...wait for it .. awesome. Lots of seeing people and hanging about with friends and family.
I think I've just about recovered from the food, drink and social overload.

Torby has a month of preschool before big school starts and we're all very excited. Well, I'm excited, Nw's kinda excited and munchkin ranges between excited and not wanting to go, but mostly the former.

I'm doing work out at Parramatta for a few weeks...Yay more money and having enough work to do and Boo for the extra travel time and switching of trains and not being at my own desk etc.

Have applied for a job in *gasp* private sector. Really want it but am trying to not think about it too much as my head will explode if I do.

Now, to haul myself off to work to be useful so they'll keep paying me. Dammit!


chocolatesuze said...

hihihi thanks for delurking! woohoo you're in my hood! lols there's an awesome malaysian/singaporean restaurant called temasek you should check out!

DV said...


I love Temasek but have been haunting the Vietnamese place just down the road from it more often than not.
mmmmm summer rolls