Thursday, 27 January 2011

Adventurerers R us

Yesterday, the munchkin and I had adventures.
We went to see The Charlie and Lola Best bestest Play at the Opera House. He loved it and so did I. They had puppets of C&L and SorenLorenson that had that very flat look from the show and 4 actors manipulating the puppets as well as generally acting and being part of the show. There was enough going on to keep the kids (and adults) entranced for the hour and it was very well done,.
Because we got there early, we did a loop around the Opera House and admired the water and the view in general and noted how sweltering it would get later.
Afterwards we went up to the info desk so Torby could get his Kids Adventure Passport stamped. The passport is an initiative by the NSW Govt to get kids to go see stuff. There are 17things included for Sydney and you can get a stamp at each one. Get 3 stamps and you get a certificate etc. So, the Opera House was one and there's the Art gallery and Old Govt. House and The Powerhouse etc etc etc. I read about it and ordered one for Torby. He gets to pick a place for us to go on the weekend or on Monday.

I'd heard cool stuff about the installation in the Opera House forecourt called 'Mirazozo' and the line was quite short after the play finished so we decided to go in. Oh so very very cool. I could have spent a lot longer in there but it was hard to convince the munchkin of the joy of lying on the floor, looking up at the ceiling. He did like it though.

After exiting that, he decided to walk through the Botanic Gardens. Hot, sweltery but quite lovely. Loved seeing the groups of picnickers all huddled about in the shade of the big trees.

I decided that a gelato and getting the train home from Circular Quay Station was the best thing to do (being in an underground station would have resembled a circle of hell I suspected) and I was right. Cooling gelato, nice breezes off the harbour as we waited. Perfect!

Home involved having a nap on the couch in the aircon while Torby watched new Charlie & Lola DVD and Nw (who had sensibly returned home after dropping us in town) played computer games. Mmmmmm aircon.

The afternoon saw us meeting at M&J's house to then all trot down together to the Australia Day Festivities at Enmore Park (aka KT's party).
Shade was found to set-up camp in and the children ran around, went on rides, visited the police (water guns to cool the kids off and a car to clamber through) and the SES (sunscreen for people to use and a truck for the kids to muck about in as a reward for getting sunscreen on.) and got giiiiinormous icy drinks in strange bottles to drink and generally had a hoot. They were all bright red (mostly from the heat rather than the sun) and grotty by the end. Yay!

Despite the steeeeeenky heat , it was a pretty good way to spend a day if you ask me.

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