Friday, 10 December 2010

Only mildly speechless with rage

So, a chum on facebook announced that she'd had an awesome week. Her long term partner had asked her to marry him and they'd recieved the call to say that an offer they'd made on a house had been accepted.
Well, apparently not.
Apparently she was to be punished for having good news and sharing it with the world.
Apparently this was considered rude and uncaring of others.
Apparently her having happiness and joy in her life was selfish.
Apparently others are struggling with singledom and increasing house prices and illness and and and and she should just take a moment to think about that before celebrating.
Apparently she had to be reminded of this.

Luckily she has someone in her life who helpfully pointed this out to her and she'll know better next time.

I mean, how dare she be happy when others in the world aren't? How dare she celebrate that things are going right? How dare she be well and prosperous and loved?

The nerve of some people!


Impish said...

And yet if you go all country-and-western and post a thing saying "grar, life sucks, my dog left me, my wife died, my house got eaten by an alien and the lint in my navel has cancer" then nobody tells you off for being miserable. You receive sympathy and commiserations and the occasional encouragement that things will improve. But you are not admonished.

Facebook: where everyone can be a star in their own angst-ridden soapie!

I did read an article a while ago saying that couples trying to get pregnant on IVF were pulling back from FB since usually many of their social circle had kids/were getting pregnant and the constant "hooray, children" postings caused the childless couple grief (which often couldn't even be acknowledged, if they hadn't gone public with their IVF attempts).

Wenchilada said...

Good Lord. Some people really ought to get a fricking life. I feel really sad and happy! and sad. for your friend...

Anonymous said...

but dontcha know it's all about me!!!!
And everyone should carefully consider every thing they ever post in case I am offended, because goodness knows your life is not about you, it's about me!!!!!
Because your achievements are not about you, they are about my failures since everything ever is about me!!!!
Did you get the bit where it's about me!!!

GB said...

When will people ever learn that they are not the centre of the universe? They should all know that I am.


DV said...

and there is only so much happiness in the world and people shouldn't hog it!

Thankfully, the chum has figured out that the 'helpful' person isn't so helpful and she really does deserve all the happiness and joy that life brings her.

Susan: My Food Obsession said...

Ahhh... the joys of Facebook!

What are these people thinking? Can't we just be happy for our friends.