Monday, 20 December 2010

Last week was lurgy week. Like shark week, but with less amphibious mammals.

Home for the week with a throat full of razors and wondering how I got hit by a truck without noticing.
However, the week also contained Torby's birthday and associated dinner and celebrations (sooo many cupcakes were made) and a lovely dinner with the daycarer of awesomeness and the amazing friend we have made through that connection.
Was deelightful to have such nice reasons to drag my sorry arse off the couch.

The weekend was all about The Annual Chrissie Pissie (hurrah)and taking the munchkin and the nieces in to have their photos taken with Santy Claus (joyous chaos except for the bits where I could have strangled the kids and everyone else in that line).
Oh and naps, lots and lots of naps.

So, this is my first day back at work and it really is nice to be out of the house and engaging my workbrain again and having access to the shops and the nommy Japanese lunch place and hearing random snatches of music and decent christmas carols
Although now that I've had my soothing and slippery and comforting noodley lunch, I'm ready for a nap.
Pretty please?

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