Monday, 31 May 2010

weekend round-up

I made Canelloni on Friday for the first time ever. Glad I decided to start early otherwise everyone would have been eating super duper late. They were fiddlier than I thought but really quite delicious. Filling the tubes with the goo really did feel obscene though. Remind me when I get home to link to the recipe.

Saturday was Settlers of Catan-a-thon at lovely warcrack chums' house. We played, we ate, we giggled at the gorgeous 10mth old baby. Was a hoot and must be done again.
Where was Torby while all this hooting was going on I hear you ask...well.. he was at a sleepover in the mounatins with the beloved Noodle. rejoice! rejoice!
Megzz n Smurg had taken him up the mounatins on Saturday morning and Meg & Jamie brought him back home again on Sunday
Yay for home-delivered munchkin! Yay for lovely Spyd & Gordy who fed and watered and entertained him for 24hrs! yay for a sleep-in for both of us.
M&J and the girls loitered around our house on Sunday(hiding out from their renovations) and I made the kids shell peas for their lunch. It's like the salt mines I tells ya. Salt mines with far too much giggling and demands for more peas!

A dinner at 'The Restaurant' (aka The Newington Inn and all it's family friendly glory) rounded out a very pleasant weekend. Torby fell asleep about 2seconds after lights out. Not at all tired you understand. noooooo.
Mind you, I made it to about 9:30 before trundling myself off to bed as well.


Impish said...

Cannelloni drives me nuts. Just buy the fresh sheets of lasagne pasta. Put the filling on them and then roll them up: much less tedious and horrible than trying to poke filling down the tube.

And yay for baby-free time! Can't say I know what that's like, but it sure SOUNDS nice.

Anonymous said...

little known cannelloni sekrit:
Put the goo in a zip lock bag (oh, how did I live before zip lock bags?) cut the corner off the bag and pipe the goo into the tube.
Fast and not nearly so messy.

DV said...

Cunning sekrit is cunning