Monday, 24 May 2010

update that i know you've all been waiting for...don't try to deny it..

I have been a neglectful little sausage of late haven't I?
I do apologise.

Hmm what is there to say...

oo I know....

Torby has asthma. This was diagnosed after we trotted off to emergency on a Friday night a few weeks ago because he had been extra wheezy all week and it seemed to be getting worse. We arrived, they popped an oxygen mask on and kept giving him ventolin. Soon after midnight, they popped us in a bed on the kids short stay ward (well, Torby got the bed, I got the fold out chairbed thing and Nw got sent home.)
Hourly ventolin ensued for the next 24hrs.
Wee hours of Sunday morning he came off the oxygen mask.
Sunday afternoon we were allowed back out into the world again laden down with various medications and an action plan.
Was not an ideal way to get it diagnosed but is good that it was and now we can manage it all better.
I was super proud of the way he behaved and how okay he was/is with everything. He's a great kid (not that I'm biased you understand) The only tears (from him at least) were when we thought that the nasal prongs would be better for him than the mask - more freedom and whatnot. We were wrong. So very wrong.

That weekend also saw Nw with a swollen and painful wrist (after a specialist appointment later it has been diagnosed as possibly rheomatoid arthritis or psoriasis - weirdness) and Nw's mum also unwell.
Our grand and lovely plans for that weekend were shot (including any notion of Mothers Day) although I did get to go out to the pub on Sunday night with a chum visiting from Melbourne and a few other warcrack nerds. Was kinda awesome and just what I needed after the weekend o'doom.

Mothers Day happened for us all the following weekend and it was very pleasant indeed. Brekkie in bed and markets and lots of pleasant chats.

Nw's mum and dad have organised for the entire clan to go to Norfolk Island in September. Tickets and accomodation have been booked and I'm ever so excited. Will be nice to hang out for a week with family we don't see very often and I think Torby will have a hoot with the other cousins.
The island also looks gorgous and I've never been there before so I'm looking forward to exploring.

Okay, I think you're now caught up on the major things. My synapses only seem to fire in short bursts these days. More facebook status update than blog post. Sorry 'bout that.


anti ob said...

Bugger about the various ailments, but as you say; at least now you know. Also, he may not be stuck with it for life; I had asthma as a kid, but never since.

Mindy said...

I thought you must have lost the keys to the blog. Glad to hear that you know what it is now and that it is manageable. I have heard that a lot of kids grow out of it too.

Milady Red said...

If he's taking a preventer you may want to consider having a spoon of yoghurt after it - just helps look after the body in terms of the inhaled steroid. A good action plan and the world is his oyster! Sounds like a great way for him to get into the habit of managing his asthma rather than being like so many asthmatics who let their asthma manage them.

DV said...

Thanks all:)

Thanks Red, I'll try the yoghurt thing for the morning one. The nighttime one coincides with bedtime and he doesn't need yet another way to delay bedtime.