Monday, 26 May 2008

The Roundup

The Good

Girly Roadtrip Adventures - Pip, Hunnyydddd, Meg and I went down to Flametree Ball on Saturday. There was much giggling and and general carousing and I had an absolute hoot. Was very nice to see a funky woman get her laurel, see Adora become an official shire and catch up with friends.

Playing games and eating food and chatting with chums - always good.

Photos - Getting a new batch of photos of my my niece and nephew who live in Shanghai. Oh they are gorgeous.

Date night - We dropped Torby off at M&J's and we went to dinner and had some wine and an early night and lots of sleep. Was really quite delightful and refreshing.

Pony Rides - The following morning we all traipsed down the road to Addison Rd markets and got yummy food, the kiddlings went on the jumping castle and Isoble and Oliver had a pony ride. Oh the glee! Oh the wonderment! Oh the cries of 'more horsey, more horsey'!

Wine O'clock - How could it ever be bad??

The Park - Thursday mornings in Burwood Park, they have a playgroup. We go for the painting, we stay for the squashy (play-doh)

Eurovision - the frocks, trhe singing, the dancing, the bad taste of it all. Love it!

Fambily - Seeing brother and sister-in-law a little while ago. Seeing one sister and bro-in-law a lot. Occasionally getting emails from the other sister confirming that they are all alive and well. We may all be crap at communicating, but it happens occasionally. Even seeing Dad over Christmas was better than expected. Made me realise that I really don't need him in my life but that it's nice to see him occasionally.

The Bad

Pill-popping child - Discovering that Torby had found my sleeping tablets and eaten up to 8 of them. Poisons Info line was called, fretting was done, hospitals were visited, all was fine in the end but not an experience I ever want to go through again. (n.b. Temazapam is fairly mild and he would have had to have eaten a lot of them to kill himself. biggest dabnger was him falling asleep and forgetting to breathe. Instead he was effectively drunk for a few hours, stumling, slurring etc - must confess, we did laugh at him a few times)

Retch - Subsequent upset tummy resulting in a lot of vomit. so very very very much vomit. So very very very little sleep had that day. So very very very very muchly needed wine o'clock to cheer us up.

The Plague - Having your child replaced by a snot monster. Having yourself turn into a snot monster. The fact that Nw has escaped ther rampage of the snot monster thus far is a miracle.

This is where The Ugly would go but I couldn't think of anything


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

who got laurelled?

please, please - font size bigger and/or colour change. the small size combined with white on black is really hard to read and leaves stripes on the eyes... it hurts...

DV said...

Marie de Lyon got laurelleded.

Gah..that post's font is especially horrid as I wrote it at work and it got copied from there. Hmm will work on it tomorrow.

JD said...

Glad to hear that Torby was ok, after hoeing into your meds.

Sounds like you had a busy week!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

font size = much better, ta :)

where are the ponies? we went a few weeks back, but no ponies. are they there every week? we want ponies.


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