Thursday, 1 May 2008

nummy num nums

The joy of making very slow cooked lamb shanks in this wetaher is that it gives you an excuse to have the oven on for a long time.

I am 'sperimenting.
Lamb shankses
Onion (lots)
White wine (Voigner)
Tomato Paste
Dried Thyme
Bay Leaves
(oh and a smidge of ground coriander seeds thanks to Torby)

I'll let you know how it goes.
I plan on eating it on Friday night.
Tonight is cheatypants Chicken Cacciatore (*cough* Leggos *cough*)

I think I'm releasing my inner squirrel and harvesting for winter. Our freezer will soon be full again!


anti ob said...

We did lamb shanks in Guiness on Sunday night; with real Australian baby sheep, I might add! They sat and stewed in the paella pan (fast becoming my all-purpose everything pan - its a wok! its a dutch oven!) then got invited round next door for dinner so they fridged in their juices for 2 more days before we got around to eating them. And since the only thing better than stewed lamb shanks is leftover stewed lamb shanks the next day, it was like skipping step 1 and going direct to step 4: Profit!

anti ob said...

Hmmm. that made less sense on screen than it did in my head. WE got invited round next door for dinner, not the lamb shanks...