Wednesday, 30 January 2008

It's just too darn hot.

Having fallen asleep at 11 while watching Firefly with Nw, I now find myself wide awake again. Was too hot to sleep properly and brain is buzzing with stuff. If only it would be useful stuff or things that can actually be accomplished at 1:30am. So, instead I decide to dump the suitable-for-public-consumption bits of my brain here.

Realised tonight that Torby doesn't understand 'pretend' yet. The lovely cousin, Squidgebel, was making a pretend cake for us while we were sitting out the front of their house. Torby got all excited and was wanting cake (mmm cake) He just couldn't quite grasp the idea that no cake existed and we were all playing. I forget occasionally just what a difference that year between them can make.

Am working on a bunch of SCA stuff but nothing exciting like sewing. More in the realm of organising a e-newsletter thing (thx sveinn), an event (thx finn) and a class for said event and some signatories (thx mouse) and some policies and some other stuff really too boring to mention. Takes up brain space though.

The concept of why do we blog is still one that intrigues me. Different people do it for different reasons. Mine is that I need a brain dump occasionally, good to have stuff on Torby recorded and especially useful for letting people know what I'm doing at various points. Also nice to make a connection with people on some things. I tend to not mention stuff that I'm not willing to say to to other people in public. I am generally all too aware that a diverse range of people read this thing and that billions and trillions have access to it. I tend to edit a lot of stuff simply because I can't imagine telling my mother-in-law about some raunchy thing that happened (not that it ever does mind you...nothing but hand holding goes on in this house!) nor do I believe that my opinions on people should be something for mass consumption and it's not a useful way to invite people to things unless it's a supplement to an email/phonecall/real invite. This is not to say that I haven't broken all of these (esp the last one) a few times...who, me? not perfect? Hush now!

About to commence with toilet training the munchkin. Wish us luck, I think we'll need it. Oh and a good serve of disinfectant would come in handy I suspect.

Really looking forward to some of the expats coming home for a little bit soon. The fact that 2 of them are getting married makes it even nicer. Hopefully will have time to take J wedding dress shopping. Yes she has one already but so did I when I was taken dress shopping. It's more about the amusement then anything else.

Hmm I think that's all for now. Hope you're all enjoying your sleepiness.

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