Thursday, 7 December 2006

lack of brain space

that's my excuse for not being a good and loving and often posterer (yes, it's a word)
so, in lieu of a real post, you'll get a list instead

-I musn't make rash assumptions as to how people will act. a 'youth' the other day on the train was really quite polite and apologetic when asked to turn his music down. I expected surliness, i got manners. two boofy looking boys gave each other a hug in that mateybut genuine way good men do.

- I must find a way to stop torby from climbing up and finding the tub of nappy rash cream and smearing it all over himself. hilarious but probably not healthy

- I must call my friends more often. It's nice to catch up via electronic means but it's also really really nice to hear a voice.

- I must finish writing and actually post my christmas cards and presents

- I must clean the house for the inspection tomorrow afternoon

- I must harrass people to do stuff so I can finish the yule feast report.

_ I must not laugh when people describe me as competent and self assured. perception is nine-tenths of reality or something

okay, that's it for now.


Miss D said...

If, and I'm not saying that this is a good enough reason to let it happen, but if Mr Chirpy climber should somehow plaster himself in cream again, could you take a photo before you begin the aversion therapy? Sounds hilarious!

Wenchilada said...

I can see it now, bet you wish you had your camera huh?

Sudocream...just like marshmallow but not!