Thursday, 16 November 2006

Pick a Camille, any Camille

There are currently two artist called Camille.
There's this one
She's kind of a French conceptual pop who's album both hunnnydd and I own and love

Then there's this one
She's more along the lines of Irish chanteuse who we had never heard of before Wednesday night.

Guess which one we thought we were going to see and guess which one we actually saw*!

My excuse is that I've got a baby and hunnyddd's excuse is that she's blonde.

We both blame JD though.

Now, off to make sure that there isn't a Venezuelan yodelling group called Cat Empire who's playing in Sydney on Saturday night. Otherwise I'm going to get very pissy.

* She was fabulous and we had a ball. Everyone should go see her. Just make sure she's the right one.


DestructoMeg said...

oo you are Gig girl this week ;)

And don't worry, I know my Cat Empire. You'll know I've found them coz I'm the one drooling all over Felix.

Hunydd said...

Hurrah for Peruvian Throat Warbling!

I had another look at the Opera House website today - nowhere does it say "this is an Irish Camille, not a French one". If you really had no idea that there were, in fact, 2 of them (like we didn't), you'd never pick it.....

Baggy Trousers said...

Oh man. That is SOOOO very funny.

Miss Krin said...

I want to hear some venezualan yodelling now. yes I am that strange and twisted