Saturday, 24 September 2011


I was again reminded that I had been neglectful about keeping this blog updated.
So, since Easter, we have;
  • Melted from cute at Oliver presenting at the school assembly (the 4 presenters did such a good job. Squee)
  • Enjoyed Festival (camping with capes as it's referred to) but in a 'it was completely fine but not super duper wonderful' kinda way. The kids all dressed in their matching-but-different outfits was very cool I may have a natural abhorrence for matchy outfits, but I do like the effect when kids do it :) It has made me extra glad we'd already decided to not go to Festival next year though. Will be really nice to have a break and get a bit of SCA mojo back.
  • Having said that, we have been to one or two SCA events and they have been fun.
  • Continued on quest of minor house improvements. Small things like putting some hooks in the bathroom and re-jigging the backyard slightly.
  • Had many delightful chats and moments and dinners and drinks with friends.
  • Been glad that friends have returned from overseas.
  • Been sad that friends have moved or returned overseas.
  • Enjoyed the community that is our street and the marvellous people who live in on it. I feel grateful that we live here.
  • Enjoyed the community that is our group of friends and the many and varied people that that involves. I feel very grateful that I am a part of it.
  • MrNw has had his birthday and we've celebrated being married for 9 years. Yay.
  • Stampy has gotten thinner despite eating 3times what she used to. Still isn't dead yet though. I think she just likes making us fret and costing us money.
  • Seen shows, done school holiday activities, been to birthday parties and school events and generally enjoyed ourselves. Have also had crappy days and been bored and sad and cranky and meh and all that other stuff that goes with life, but it's more than completely balanced out by the good stuff.
  • Oh and bought a real camera so there is some hope of me remembering to put photos onto flickr, rather than going straight from my phone to facebook because I'm lazy.


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